Montessori Schools in Frisco TX

    The Best Montessori Schools in Frisco

The Frisco area in Texas has the following three top Montessori schools namely: Starwood Montessori School, Warren Montessori School and Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori Frisco.

Starwood Montessori

The Starwood Montessori follows a totally different approach than traditional schools because their focus is based on the full scope of what the student is taught. They do not teach the student to memorize the material in order to get excellent grades but educate them in a way to gain a wider knowledge and instill the passion for learning new things. This means that the student works harder but is equipped to handle life and the obstacles presented to them in the future. The method used makes the student think critically about the lessons and at the same time take note of the world around them.

The student body cons…

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