The Best Montessori Schools in Frisco

The Frisco area in Texas has the following three top Montessori schools namely: Starwood Montessori School, Warren Montessori School and Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori Frisco.

Starwood Montessori

The Starwood Montessori follows a totally different approach than traditional schools because their focus is based on the full scope of what the student is taught. They do not teach the student to memorize the material in order to get excellent grades but educate them in a way to gain a wider knowledge and instill the passion for learning new things. This means that the student works harder but is equipped to handle life and the obstacles presented to them in the future. The method used makes the student think critically about the lessons and at the same time take note of the world around them.

The student body consists of students from age two to twelve with programs geared towards the specific needs and requirements of each age group. The toddle classes are for age’s two to three and are designed in a way to assist them for transition in the pre-school classes. The program is a means to make this transition as smooth as possible and introduce them to the new and exciting environment of pre-school.

The next stage is a program for students between the ages of three and six years where they are taught a number of skills in key areas of their development to perfect. These key areas are mathematics, reading and using computers. This intentional curriculum teaches the students valuable traits such as self-reliance and confidence in a way best suited for their individual personalities and needs.

Warren Montessori School

When the Warren Montessori School opened on January 05, 2004 it had only 75 students. Currently the number of students has grown to 220 and all staff members are fully qualified AMS, AMI and MACTE certified teachers. Parents are important in the development of their children and the school welcomes their participation in parent education nights and multicultural event celebrations.

Warren Montessori School was designed with large spacious classroom and covered playgrounds make this ideal when environmental or weather conditions become a problem. The school also features an indoor gymnasium where students can exercise and play.

Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori School

The Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori School in Frisco was established because of the love and dedication towards education for the children. Located in an area that is ideal for this type of school with large and spacious classrooms. The students include infants, toddlers and young students. The school is affiliated with the American Montessori Society. To encourage the involvement of the parents the school has adopted an “open door” policy allowing the parents to visit at any time to discuss any specific needs or developments required for the students.

The Director of Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori has forty years of experience in the field of education and owned schools internationally. Cypress Creek Children’s Montessori School has a mission to enrich the child’s experience in life by providing the perfect environment and trained dedicated staff members.