Best Preschools in Frisco TX

There are currently three exceptional preschools in Frisco, Texas, namely Preston Kiddie Kollege, Sunny Days Christian Preschool and Apple Creek Private Preschool.

1. Preston Kiddie Kollege

Preston Kiddie Kollege has an excellent early childhood program that promotes educational and emotional advancement for a child. The school’s curriculum has themes that highlight letter, color/shade, shape/form, number, values, social roles and literary samples of poetry and music on a relevant level for each age. Children are introduced to new pair of topics in relation with the monthly theme to keep their mind activated throughout the year. Lesson plans for a specific week are ensured to be up-to-date and posted in every classroom so the parents would know what their child is learning every day.

Activities for the day are, but are not restricted to: table time, gym/outdoor play, audio and visual, art, science, library sessions and individual plays. Preschool students are offered with special programs namely Spanish class, Tech Zone and Science Laboratory.

Preston Kiddie Kollege likewise brings in outdoors resources, for instance Frisco fire and police department, pediatric dentists and more to offer the kids more chance for hands-on, real-life realistic experiences. The 13,000 sq. ft. development center for a child is designed to mirror the school’s philosophy of supporting a secure, reliable and integrated environment for the students.

2. Sunny Days Christian Preschool

Sunny Days Christian Preschool was established for families who either claim their faith in Jesus Christ or wish for their children to be introduced to His words and be involved in traditionalist and strong academic program. Throughout the day, bible principles are being taught and form a fundamental part of the child’s education program.

The school utilizes top quality phonics based early education system for age group 2 to 5 based on the ABeka curriculum. They instill values such as obedience, responsibility, helpfulness, patriotism and love for God.

Sunny Days Christian Preschool utilizes the entire ABeka curriculum which is considered as one of the best requirement for early childhood education. Enhancing the memory and widening the child’s attention span are accomplished by storytelling, role playing and application of the lessons practically.

The school also offers art, music, computer and Spanish lesson. They make sure that the child learns to read and to pronounce the alphabet properly.

 3. Apple Creek Private Preschool

Apple Creek Private Preschool is dedicated to teaching younger children in an optimistic as well as productive environment. They commit to provide a top quality education to help build up a child’s self-confidence through positive reinforcements and learning enrichment activities.

Several reasons to choose Apple Creek Private Preschool are because they are accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and certified by Texas State Center for Early Childhood Development as a Kindergarten Ready Program. The school is equipped with professionally trained teachers, developmentally relevant school rooms, award-winning curriculum and strong parent involvement.

Apple Creek Private Preschool offers programs for ages 2 to 4 as well as pre-kindergarten age. They believe that a child’s individual needs are provided through a wide range of learning opportunities for social, educational, physical and cognitive growth that’s why they a build strong foundation of love for learning.