Soldierfit is a military values based organization that exist due to the current obesity epidemic facing America. Soldierfit fills the need for an affordable, safe, fun, and inspirational fitness environment. Our goal is not to make the member dependent on us, but rather to educate them so they can make the proper choices to maintain the level of fitness they develop with us for life.

The Soldierfit program encompasses 137 bootcamp classes per month, as well as, One-on-One Personal Training with a Nationally Certified and Black Hat Certified personal trainer. Soldierfit classes combine basic training techniques from the military of all branches. Certified trainers will guide and encourage you with motivating, exciting, challenging, but unique workouts of the day. Every bootcamp class encompasses full body workouts with a brand new workout each day. The staff is here to provide that extra push and will ensure your safety as you work your way through workouts like you have never experienced before.

Spec Ops classes include specialized workouts for recruits looking to “Up” their Performance, Endurance, and Strength as well as Cardio during Bootcamp Training in all 5 branches of the military. Also, Spec-Ops bootcamps are specialized as well, for Obstacle Race Performance. If you are looking to gain, Stability, Strength, and in any other areas of the body where you need individualized help this is the Gym for you!

Soldierfit trainers are armed with knowledge and experience to help you succeed with a variety of drills designed for all levels of fitness your body and your mind will be challenged. Soldierfit inspires confidence, builds character and encourages camaraderie through military-style workouts that not only delivers results, but is enjoyable. If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life and work as part of a team, Soldierfit is for you!

Remember, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”

You Are, We Are..Soldierfit!


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